MemorySurfer is a software program to keep informations efficiently in the memory.
With the software can be learned for example:


The software is based on the observation that the brain more or less forgets information according to an exponential function.

The program asks the user how good or bad an association (flashcard) could be recalled. This input together with the time passed since last repetition is used to estimate how well this association could be reminded. Accordingly the association is repeated sooner or later.

The program always queries the association, which at this time is most likely forgotten.

Gain insight

The repetition often reveals not obvious contexts, and the program can in some ways also be used as an aid to problem solving.


An important part in this process may be to include personally relevant things in the question-answer collection.


Having the program available online has the advantage of eliminating the need to synchronize the learning database across different devices (eg. desktop, notebook, smartphone). Here it is possible to test the program.

March 4, 2021